Because of special qualities a philosopher always sees beauty in everything

For a normal person few things can be beautiful and few others may look ugly, but this never the case for a philosopher. I firmly believe that a philosopher would always see beauty in everything even if that thing looks completely ugly and terrifying in a common person’s point of view. I think every philosopher has following few qualities because of which they can see beauty in almost everything or every person in the world

No judgmental opinion: A normal person makes his or her opinion about the beauty of other things on the basis of their judgmental opinions. As a result of that they see beauty in few things or people and the see ugliness in other things. At the same time a philosopher would never make any opinion having any judgmental opinion and that quality allows a philosopher to think in positive manner. Because of this quality a philosopher never see ugliness in a person and get a chance to find the beauty.

Out of box thinking: A philosopher always see beauty in others and things because of the out of box thinking. In a normal situation we think only the way we are trained to think and we do not see anything with different angle. This is not a limitation for a philosopher and he sees the world with a different view. He think out of the box and he always find something good in things o people. This out of box thinking allows a philosopher to see beauty in everything in easy ways.

No expectations: Whether you accept it or not, but this is a fact that people expect things in return from other people or things. Sometime they expect things knowingly and at other time they expect without having any knowledge of their expectations, but this is a fact that people do expect things and if they do not get it then they start seeing negative things here. However, a philosopher knows he should not expect anything and he never expect antigen return from person or things. As a result of that philosopher get a chance to see the beauty in things where other people see nothing.

Wellness for everyone: Not only today but in ancient time also people wished good things only for themselves and they never cared for others. However, this feeling is not there in philosopher and they do pray for wellness of everyone. They hope that ever one stays happy, healthy and wealthy. Because of this quality they get no harsh feelings in their mind and they develop a quality of looking beauty in those people also that are not actually beautiful.

Other than this, philosopher show love, care and compassion also for other people. This is a simple fact that if you love and care someone than you will see only beauty in that person. Same applies for these people as well and because of their love, care and feelings they can see the world in a completely different way that others can’t even imagine.

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